"Mamma Mia"


- A hit that has delighted his audience for over 50 years! -


This good-mood-song is available here in two different instrumental arrangements:

(- Video samples coming soon! -)

The 4-hands piano part is similar in both arrangements.

In the second arrangement the melody part is taken over by an additional solo instrument. Optionally, an additional melody instrument can supplement an accompanying upper voice.

A humorous effect is achieved when both pianists play the solo part with the fun instrument Kazoo in addition to the piano.

"Mamma Mia" was published in 1975 on the third album of the Swedish pop group "ABBA".

In September of the same year "Mamma Mia" was released as a single. Due to that, ABBA again became the number one in the international single charts, after a long unsuccessful phase.


Until today this song is a hit, which entrains the audience in the correspondent musical.

Since the premiere of the musical "Mamma Mia" on 6th April 1999, over 60 million people already have seen this musical in over 440 cities.


Even Hollywood took notice of the successful musical "Mamma Mia" an filmed it in 2008. After "Beauty and the Beast", it was the second most successful musical film version so far, and brought in over 609,7 million US dollars over all the world in only one year.


Meanwhile the hit "Mamma Mia" is available in various arrangements for different instruments. 

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