Everybody knows it! -

the Flea Waltz

...but the flea waltz is not a waltz at all, because it is in 4/4 time instead of 3/4 time, the main characteristic of the waltz!

The three arrangements for piano are a homage to this world-famous musical miniature:

The "Flea-Waltz" as "Flea-Tango":

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Flea Waltz:Flohwalzer (Tango-Style).pdf
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The "Flea-Waltz" as "Flea-Salsa" (4-hands):


The virtuoso Flea Waltz with Wow-Effect (4-hands):


Only by demonstrating and imitating how to play it, the flea waltz spread throughout Europe and beyond within a few years more than 100 years ago - and this happened without YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Co.!

How the flea waltz got its name


The flea waltz probably was composed by the East Frisian Ferdinand Alfred Gustav Loh in 1890.

He wrote in a letter to his cousin:

"Finished my "waltz" this morning. Outwardly it is small, but I have the feeling that I have put everything into it that I am only capable of. I've solemnly burned all my other compositions in the oven - the three symphonies, the opera and everything else."

Ferdinand Loh was sure that the big publishing houses will be fighting over this little work, because: "There has never been such a piece in the word."



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Flea Waltz Piano Tango-Style sheet music
Flea Waltz:Flohwalzer (Tango-Style).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 974.0 KB

Flea Waltz Piano 4-hands Salsa-Style sheet music

Flea Waltz Piano 4-hands virtuoso version sheet music